Idemitsu Kosan History

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Winning the Trust of Society by Placing People at the Center of Idemitsu’s Business


The Starting Point for a Successful Business: Putting People First.

In addition to such primary activities a s accumulation of capital and pursuit of profits, Idemitsu seriously intends to take social responsibility by protecting the environment, contributing to the good of the local community, offering secure employment, while still maintaining a stable supply of oil and oil products.

Ever since the foundation of the company in 1911, Idemitsu has been following idemitsu’s fundamental principle of “respecting human beings”. Thus, the selection and developing of personnel have been treated at all times with utmost care, and the company has striven to hire and maintain personnel who are worthy of respect both within the company and out in society. And although the conditions surrounding idemitsu at the time of its foundation differ from those at present, the company is still maintaining its traditional corporate culture in which staff members take great pride in the company’s growth and achievement. Hence, Idemitsu’s staff members feel a strong sense of responsibility toward the company and of solidarity among themselves, displaying the full range of their abilities even when facing adverse circumstances an periods of economic instability.

Idemitsu wants to be a company which can be supported by every shareholder in Idemitsu’s expansion of the “people as the center of business” management style, in spite of the American style of management which has swept across the world during the recent economic globalization.


Idemitsu’s Business Orientation: “The Consumers Come First”

Idemitsu Kosan Co. Ltd., which started as an oil distributor, has been expanding its business under the motto”From Producer to Consumer”, providing every facility for both producer and consumer.

The business motto, “The Consumers Come First”, was coined in 1951. At that time, Idemitsu took a countermeasure against the policy according to which the import of crude oil should take precedence over all other considerations. Idemitsu announced Idemitsu’s own new oil policy of putting consumer’s first and imported high-octane gasoline from U.A.S. in the following year. The sales figures for this type of gasoline, whose brand name was “Apollo”, were sensational.

Now that the market is functioning normally according to set rules and enterprises free competion in pursuit of providing consumer satisfaction, the business motto “The Consumers Come First” might be seen as a matter of course or thought of as an innovation of days gone by. However, Idemitsu feel that the present marketing situation in which the consumers take the lead is not necessarily one that will continue forever, especially since oil prices are affected to such a high degree by the international situation. It is expected that the demand and supply of oil products will be intensified from now on due to the increasing demands of Asia. Idemitsu believes that Idemitsu’s “Consumers First” business motto will again prove its merits in the days to come.


Management Which Gives Importance to the Environment

Idemitsu has long understood that a healthy environment and a steady supply of energy are two completely interconnected realities, and so Idemitsu’s concern over environmental issues has continues since early on.

Idemitsu completed Tokuyama refinery and entered the oil refining business in 1957. At that time, the company gave strict priority to environmental safety and security, establishing a “green belt: around the refinery and setting up advanced equipment for pollution protection, etc. There wear exceptional measures, to be seen nowhere else in the world back then. Idemitsu planned these measures with the idea, “Refinery For and With the Citizens”, in mind.

Ever since the implementation of this plan at the start of Idemitsu’s refinery operation, all Idemitsu-affiliated groups adopted it. The company has always been trying to be a leading company in the oil industry in this sense. Late in 1960’s the company took measures to cope with atmospheric pollution and in 1993 the company reduced the content of benzene in gasoline.

Idemitsu’s headquarters, refineries, lubricant plants and other business areas have al been given ISO14001 certification for environmental management, and the company continues to promote activities focused on the protection of the environment. There activities have their basic principles objectivity, durability, and easy understanding. To cite a few examples, the company is now involved in environmentally sound activities such as tree planting, environmental restoration, and onsite power business, etc


Idemitsu Group Business Activities

Idemitsu began to sell machine oil in 1911. Now Idemitsu is involved in onsite power business, new energy development and environment-related proactive tasks such as tree planting, in addition to such main businesses as the import and export of oil, oil refining, sales of oil products, development of resources and petrochemicals

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