Mission Statement (Heading)

Since our establishment in Japan 1911, we have devoted the past 100 years to be strongly focused in being customer – oriented and strive to meet the needs of our customers by working hard on product and technical developments. Throughout time we have continued to stress on the importance of lubricant technology, which we believe is the “lifeline of machinery”. Our objectives is to be the leading supplier of lubricants by employing state-of-the-art technology and providing highest quality products and value added services to our customers.

We have firmly established ourselves as a reliable manufacturer and distributor of “IDEMITSU” and “DAPHNE” products, with a string support system that has allowed us to supply consistent and high quality standard of lubricants worldwide. Our distribution network in South and Southeast Asia spans to include Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Philippines and Vietnam.


Our mission is to support our customers’ production efficiency by constantly improving the technology used in our lubricants. We are always ready to perform and we offer personalized services info finding efficient solutions for our customers in need


We are aware and concerned for our ecology and thus we provide support for sustainable as well as environmentally-friendly products. We keep in mind three themes in our product development; “energy conservation”, “long life conservation” and “harmful material reduction” to counter issues such as global warming and harmful waste


We are proud to be one of the most prominent lubricant companies in Japan, with strong support from our loyal customers. Continually keeping our customers in top priority, the Idemitsu Group aims to choice for our customers world- wide


Philosophy (Heading)

Like you, we yearn for the best. At Idemitsu we center our management philosophy in continuous pursuit of potential. Since our establishment, we have been practicing the concept of “respect for human beings” in the conduct of business, and have sought to meet the high expectations of society and to earn its trust. In order to realize this, the company strives to do the following:

Securing Stable Supply:

  • Aiming to become an energy corporation providing a solid supply chain supporting the nation

Complying with the Environment and Maintaining Safety:

  • Aiming to become a company worthy of the trust of society through undertakings on the environment and safety

Future Tasks:

  • Flexible Energy Corporation
  • Our unique technology is our driving force