Idemitsu Lube Malaysia

Idemitsu Lube (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. was established in 1991 as the marketing subsidiary for Idemitsu lubricants in the region. Idemitsu Lube Malaysia today, actively explores the domestic market in a bid to meet the needs of tomorrow with the application of the latest technology and advanced scientific developments in the field of automotive and industrial lubricants. Headed by professionals with vast experience further reinforces the company’s operations in line with the vision of becoming a leading supplier of lubricating oil in Malaysia.

At Idemitsu, we believe in being responsible to our environment and we are committed to taking care of it. Our continued accreditation of the ISO 14001 certification since 2007 attests to this.

The Idemitsu “Lube partner” programme supports the environmental improvement activity of the customer from various angels with heavy emphasis on quality issues and developing environmentally-friendly products. Spearheaded by our Research & Development arm in Japan, we are focused on three areas namely energy conservation, long-life conservation and harmful matter reduction.

By embracing effective environmental management system, we seek to strike a healthy balance between environmental protection, conservation and product development that will be mutually beneficial to our customers, suppliers and associates.



Idemitsu Lube Malaysia’s main operations involve the distribution of all types of lubricants which include automotive, marine and industrial lubricants through our three offices cum warehouses in Malaysia.



At Idemitsu Lube Malaysia, we not only supply our lubricating oils at reasonable prices but also ensure that the products supplied are of the highest quality. This is made possible by incorporating the latest technological innovations and technical know how. We value our customers as our business partners and by continually providing advice and consultancy services in the field of lubricants and related activities that will help to improve the efficiency of our customers’ operations. In consideration of providing prompt and efficient delivery services to our customers, our warehouses are strategically located in Johore Bahru, Kuala Lumpur and Penang with normal and bonded facilities.



In 2015, we set up Idemitsu Service Team complete with hi- tech equipment and well- trained members to provide value added services to our customers such as:

  • Oil Change on various type of machines
  • New machine oil fill up
  • Machine Flushing & Cleaning
  • Service Report
  • Oil Analysis
  • Seminar & Training

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